DIY the knotted bun

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Okay, so I love Pinterest and while pinning last night I ran across this great easy diy for the knotted bun and knew we 
needed to share it with our beautiful people!  A wonderful blog called, "once wed", is the original creator of most of this post so please give them a click over to view their other wonderful posts.  Remember that Dolce has the best styling products for your at home creations so please stop by and we will help you choose the products for you!

1) Gather hair to one side and place in a ponytail behind the ear
2) Begin twisting a wrapping the ponytail as if you are tying a knot
3) As you tie the ponytail into a knot, do not pull the tail all the way through
4) Secure the knotted bun with large bobby pins
5) Gently pull and tug the hair from the crown and throughout the bun to create texture and fullness
6) Spray with a finishing product

Photography: Bryce Covey | Makeup: Amy Clarke | Hair: Heidi Marie Garrett  Layout and Graphic: Hannah LeePosted March 6th, 2014 by Mary McLeod & filed under DIY Wedding BlogDIY WeddingsFeatured.