Thursday, July 6, 2017

Dolce's Big Move!!!

With an ever changing industry and personal life I have decided to make a very exciting yet somewhat sad move. Dolce will be moving to a smaller and more manageable location come August! Bittersweet because we will be leaving our beloved Cherry ST. of almost eleven years plus saying goodbye to some of our Dolce family who have been with us for many years now. Many of our stylist will be moving into there own new endeavors and we wish them all the happiness with there professional future. I have a huge passion for delivering the best service and education to my clients and customers and am thrilled to have a more manageable size business to deliver the best of myself. Running a salon is a full time job in itself and for me my passion is behind the chair! I am so excited to be able to have more time to expand on my education and knowledge of the amazing products and services I offer plus the time freedom it will offer for me and my family. July 31st will be the last day at 1550 e. 15th st. and hopefully August 1st will be our FIRST day at 1007 s. main. st. I’m sure with some imperfect transition. Please stay tune for more information and our BIG move as it progresses! Thank you to our customers for your loyalty all these years and many more to come!!!
Jessica Landon 
Owner/ Stylist

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