What do I use on my hair?! Here are my go-to products!!!

Often I get asked what products do I use on my own hair! Well these are my go-to products for my particular style and hair type! Remember that everyone has there own unique hair thickness texture and daily needs! 
I use Gold Lust Shampoo and Conditioner about every 4 days
Gold Lust pre-shampoo treatment about every 4 -5 washes
I prep my hair with imperial Blow out for condition, structure, and memory 
Royal Blow Out through the ends and mid-shaft for quick dry time and smooth silky ends
Gold lust oil for day 2 or 3 through midshaft and ends for hydration and bounce and reactivation 
Free style hairspray for just enough style hold, workability, and memory
Last but not least the covetted gold lust dry shampoo for getting that ectra days worth before washing agian. this comes in super helpful for a busy working mom!

Thanks to these products I wash and style my hair every 3-4 days! This is day 3!